Recovering Broken Promises – Personal Debt Collection

Personal debt collection in Singapore is always a big issue. Individuals often find it harder to collect because they don’t have the legal might of a full business behind them. That doesn’t mean you should sit back and let the debtor get away with it though.
We’re going to show you some ways in which you can recover those broken promises.
Understand the Situation
Personal creditors struggle to understand the dynamics of this new situation. The world of personal debt collection is usually a place we end up in because we’re forced to, not because we want to be.
Let’s understand the personal issues here:

    • This person has broken a promise.
    • They’re not your friend.
    • Don’t worry about being nice. All you want is your money not a relationship afterwards.

Once you learn to be firm, you’ll have a much easier time recovering the money owed to you.
Remind and Begin
It’s easy to get into a circle of asking about the debt and then leaving the issue, particularly when lending to family and friends.
Here’s how you should go about it. Treat it like a business. Act like you’re a company established in Singapore. Remind them of the debt and the terms of repayment. Just tell them you’re going to collect and cut contact. That’s the first step done with.
Make sure you get the legal letter ready. It should state the amount owed, the date, and the terms of repayment. Keep a copy for yourself for later. If you’re having trouble, have a lawyer write the letter.
Go to Court
Be willing to go all the way to court before you accept writing off the debt. There’s no reason why you should accept a write off because you lent money to a friend or family member. Demand the debt and be willing to go all the way to court.
You shouldn’t worry about the costs. Small claims in Singapore nearly always lead to the debtor covering the legal costs as well. It does require an investment in the beginning on your part, but if successful, you can claim this money back later on.
Debt Collection Agency in Singapore
Not confident in your ability to take this further?
Feel free to employ a professional Singapore debt collection agency to do the work for you. They make it easy because they handle the whole process, whilst updating you on their progress.

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